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Welcome to the Satyam Yoga School: We are pleased to be able to assist you with your yoga enquiries and invite you to visit the school for a free class.

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Satyam School
Location / Timetable / Fees: This page gives you instant access to download a pdf doc of the current Timetables, Fees and directions to the location of the Satyam Yoga School.
Beginners: The ITY course (Introduction to Yoga) is designed for all students who are new to this school and especially those who have no previous experience. (open ITY Cours)
Sadhana: These classes are intended for students who have experience with all aspects of hatha yoga and are interested in the deeper introverted practice of yoga as a meditative experience. The techniques of Kriya, Mantra and Seated meditations are included. (open Class descriptions)
Teacher Training


Teacher Training: This course meets all international requirements for certification. The course includes an intensive residential retreat of 7 days and regular attendance to the classes at the school in Johannesburg. Students who live outside of Gauteng can attend the residential retreat and complete the course if they are willing and able to organise for Swami Yogasagar to visit and host a series of support workshops. Once certified as yoga teachers trainees may continue their studies to gain a diploma in the philosophy and theory of yoga.




Corporate Services: Yoga is proven to be the easiest and most efficient way to deal with stress and improve efficiency of your employees. We have a range of professional services that introduce yoga as a means to alleviate stress and maintain a healthy vibrant work environment. Our services include short and long interventions ideal for strategy meetings and teambuilding workshops.


Yoga Medicine

Remedial Yoga Therapy: We provide private consultations for clients who require specialized yoga classes. These classes may also appeal to students who prefer individual training without the need for any remedial application. The deep relaxation technique (Yoga Nidra) combined with gentle stretches to release stress and revitalize the body and mind.




Neti Pot: A nasal douche that is easy to use and a painless way to gain instant and permanent relief from all sinus conditions. The neti pot has become well known since it was promoted on the Oprah Show and millions of people now use neti every day. The pot is filled with warm saline water which then flows through the nostrils to remove all dust and bacteria.



 Phone Email Enquires: Our preferred method of contact is email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. which we read daily. Alternatively you can call (082 371 7561) and leave a message.



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