Private Yoga Classes

“We welcome you and your family, couples and friends. All can practice together with a private yoga class in your own home”

Welcome, Private Yoga Classes

We offer private yoga classes in the comfort of your home or online via the internet. Our teachers are also available for corporate events and small business classes for staff members.

Benefit: Yoga is the most effective and efficient way for you to manage stress. The practice of yoga will enhance mindfulness with a concentrated awareness. Be in control with yoga. Restore and maintain the health and vitality of your body and mind .

Welcome, Corporate Wellness


Stretch and relax with awareness of your breathing. The Yoga postures are proven to lower hypertension correct alignment and create a positive change to the way you feel physically and emotionally. You can practice a little yoga every day.


Learn how to inhale slowly and hold the breath briefly. Then you exhale slowly and relax for a moment in the emptiness before you inhale again.  Control of your breath is a powerful practice of concentration. 


Awareness of relaxation will enable you to find comfort and stability in your pose. You become very still and silent. In the stillness and silence you are the witness an observer. Thoughts slow down and tensions are dissolved.


Swami Yogasagar is assisting Sherely with a yoga stretch for the hip, hamstrings and gluteal muscles.

Note: volume is low but can be heard with headphones

Welcome to Yoga

“A complete holistic practice for the evolution of your body, mind and emotions”
Welcome, Private Yoga Classes
Swami Yogasagar

“I am motivated by the desire to empower the student. I carefully adapt and modify the yoga postures to accommodate the natural alignment of the student”

Swami Yogasagar


Swami Yogasagar lived in India and trained under the guidance of his guru. He is widely acknowledged as an accomplished teacher with a vast knowledge of yoga and tantra. He promotes yoga as a personal practice of self discipline that each student can embrace for themselves. He does not teach any doctrine or represent any institution.

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Years of Experience

A life dedicated to yoga and the spiritual disciplines of self awareness.

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South Africa since 1998. Previously taught in Australia and Greece.

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Satyam Yoga School

Years in South Africa. Training teachers and students. Hosting workshops and retreats.

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