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“Sound creates subtle vibrations that can be felt in your mind and body”

Transformative Power of Vedica Mantras

Vedic mantras work best when you verbally repeat them. Each mantra consists of several sounds, each sound generating a force of vibrational energy. Every sound form carries its own unique energy, known as Shakti – the force accountable for all existence. These ancient Sanskrit mantras were experienced in the deepest states of meditation. They are actual sounds of the cosmic energy as it vibrates and moves in the realm of quantum physics.

To practice all you require is the willingness to verbally reiterate the mantra. As you chant, the vibrations will resonate and engage with the subtle energies of your body and mind. Although the effects of these subtle frequencies might not be immediately evident while chanting, they will become apparent once you cease. After concluding your chanting session, grant yourself a moment of stillness and silence. This serenity empowers you to wholly comprehend and experience the profound effects of the vibrations. You meditate by feeling the tranquillity and permitting the energy to reverberate through you.

Our compilation of mantra recordings aims to facilitate your mastery of the sounds and rhythm. Through consistent practice, you can iterate any mantra in sets of 3, such as 9 times, or in sets of 9, like 18, 27, or 54 times, thereby delving into the manifold benefits of this sacred practice.

Join us on this transformative expedition, and unlock the ancient wisdom residing within the resounding potency of Vedic mantras. Initiate your chanting practice today and engross yourself in the profound harmony of cosmic energies.



Om Chanting

In the beginning was the sound. Sound is a creation of energy that travels in a wave form. Om is considered to be the original sound. It consists of three sounds that merge into one repetition. A U M represents the three variations of a wave form. Aaa is the ascending (rajasic) rise of the wave U (sounds like ooo) is the neutral (sattwic) equilibrium and Mmmm is the descent (Tamasic) of the wave  

AUM, Om, wave, equilibrium
Sound waves

Gayatri Chanting

Embrace the diversity of Gayatri chanting with our selection of variations and melodies to choose from. We understand the importance of personal comfort when it comes to spiritual practices, which is why we encourage you to select the melody that resonates most deeply with you.

As you familiarise yourself with the enchanting sounds and master the rhythmic flow, you’ll be ready to embark on your own transformative journey. Establish a daily practice, both in the morning and evening, allowing the Gayatri mantra to enrich your life with its profound vibrations.

Trust your intuition and select the perfect melody that harmonises with your inner self. As you immerse yourself in the practice, you’ll experience the uplifting and transformative effects of this ancient mantra. Begin your Gayatri chanting journey today, and unlock the true potential of this sacred practice in your life

Aum Bhu Burvaha Svaha tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya.
dhimahi dhioyo naha pra-chodayata

Maha Mrityum Jaya

The Maha Mrityum Jaya mantra creates a vibration of healing energy. For this reason it is revered as a sacred mantra known for its universal acclaim. This mantra’s potency extends beyond mere words, as I can personally attest to its transformative effects.

During a challenging battle with Cerebral Malaria, my students and devotees of my guru chanted this mantra while they sat beside me. The vibrations of this mantra penetrated into every cell of my body. I felt the miraculous transformation within my body’s cells, as if the very essence of life was revitalising me.

In another life-altering experience in India, I endured severe burns, and medical experts anticipated permanent scars that would take months to heal. However, the divine intervention of several swamis, chanting the Maha Mrityum Jaya non-stop for three days, proved to be the ultimate remedy. To my astonishment, within just two weeks, I healed completely without a trace of scars.

I must emphasise that the power of this sacred mantra is further intensified by the Guru Shakti which was transmitted to me by my own revered guru. This divine connection amplifies the healing potential of the mantra, infusing it with spiritual energy that resonates deeply within.

You can experience the profound healing journey of this mantra and its transformative potential. Trust in the universal force of this mantra simply by chanting verbally for as long as you can and then sit still and feel the vibration of your body and mind. Unlock the extraordinary healing potential within you with the potent vibrations of Maha Mrityum Jaya


Om Trayamba-kam Yajamahe Sughand-him Push Tivard-hanam

Oorva Rukamiva Bandha-nan Mrityor Muk-shiam Amritat

Om Purnam

This mantra is known to be an important mantra from the Isha Upanishad (Ishopanishad). It is commonly chanted as a prayer before the study of the Upanishad begins.

Om Purnam-adah Purnam-idam Purnat Purnam udach-yate Purnasya Purnam-adaya Purnam eva vashish-yate


Any mantra can be repeated verbally or mentally. Ram is the bija (seed mantra) for Manipura Chakra (Willpower). It is also the name of a yogi who is considered to have displayed all the virtues and merits of a perfect human. Those who chant ram awaken the desire for emulating the pure qualities of virtue within.

Shiva was a devotee of Ram and Ram was devoted to Shiva

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