Know how yoga works

“Yoga postures intoxicate you with the natural chemistry of your body and mind. You will know how yoga works”

The human body is a marvel of design, created to move with grace and fluidity. Our joints are designed to rotate, allowing bones to shift into various positions, while muscles facilitate these movements. Each asana has a positive influence on the nervous system and internal organs. Yoga postures activate the body’s natural chemistry creating a feeling of intoxication and enhancing the senses. The entire biological harmony of your body and mind are united with awareness of stretching and breathing to ensure seamless control over these motions.

“When you practice yoga you will know how yoga works by stretching and breathing with awareness”

Yoga postures are called Asana. They have the power to create a profound impact on your internal organs, breath, and central nervous system. When you remain in any yoga pose and learn how to relax your breathing the mind and body responds and adapts to the changes influenced by each Asana. The endochrine glands respond to the information recieved via the nervous system and secrete hormones that facilitate the stretching and function of the internal organs, muscles and joints. Yoga is a fully integrated holistice experience. The tigers tail (see image) strengthens the back muscles and activates the adrenal glands.

Know how yoga works
Tigers Tail

It’s fascinating to note that many inner systems of the body function autonomously, without conscious intellectual input. However, through the practice of yoga, you can cultivate awareness of these changes and fully experience the benefits they bestow. Yoga Asana embodies the art of mindful movement, harmonising the synergy between your body, mind, and awareness. Begin your own transformative journey as you explore the gentle yet powerful postures that awaken your inner vitality and grace.

Join us on the mat to uncover the beauty and depth of yoga Asana. Experience the subtle shifts of awareness and discover your body’s innate wisdom to adjust and relax naturally. There is serenity in the union of breath with movement. A private class with Swami Yogasagar will facilitate you to experience this sacred practice of yoga and breathing. You can discover the profound connection between the art of Asana and the essence of your being

Know how yoga works Natural Chemistry
Molecular Hormones

“The natural chemistry of the body and mind is intoxicating. When you practice yoga you feel relaxed, energised and calm simultaneously. A forward bend is a tranquilliser, backward bends invigorate. Twists squeeze and relax. The right sequence of movements and postures can correct structural alignment and restore the natural health and wellbeing”

Swami Yogasagar

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