Free media

We have created a series of audio and video recordings for you to use as learning tools. We hope they inspire you to try a private class. If you have any questions or requests you are most welcome to fill out or inquiry form and Swami Yogasagar will reply usually on the same working day.

Mantra is the most powerful form of yoga. You can practice asana, pranayama and various forms of meditation and they will all help you to feel better physically and mentally. 

Mantra works on the psychic dimensions of the mind and penetrates into the most subtle experience of your spiritual existence. Mantra intoxicates, transforms and purifies. 

Swami Yogasagar has uploaded a variety of video demonstrations to his youtube channel.

These video are not complete yoga classes. They are demonstrations of how Swami Yogasagar teachers and works with his students in different locations. You will also see individual students demonstrating a single asana (yoga posture) or pranayama (breathing) practice.

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