“You can have your own private yoga class in the comfort of your own home”

Book your first private yoga class with us and there is no obligation to continue. You are assured of personal individual guidance. Each class is tailored to your abilities and comfort level. Our experienced yoga teacher, Swami Yogasagar has 40 years of expertise and comes highly recommended.

Private Yoga Class, online, your own home
Private Yoga Class

Home Visits

There are advantages of inviting me to teach in your home. I can help you to create your yoga space and inspire you to practice when I am not there. The ideal place to practice will have natural light and ventilation. 

I will often take advantage of your furniture and walls to assist when it can help you.  A yoga pose can be practiced while you are holding on to the kitchen island countertop, standing in a doorway, against a wall, sitting on the couch or on a chair. These can all provide support and stability which in turn will improve your awareness of the stretch. 

When I am in the kitchen waiting for my coffee to brew I will hold onto the countertop and squat (see image). A squat will improve mobility of my hips and strengthen my thighs and lower back muscles.

small squat

Live Internet

My method is to teach verbally with clear and concise instructions. I can teach via zoom or any other social media platform such as Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger . My students use their Phone or Ipad for streaming and because I teach by verbal instruction they don’t have to watch a demonstration. Streaming to TV is not necessary (see image) BUT you can  if you want to.

The science of Yoga is all about awareness. We encourage you to close your eyes and follow the instructions. You will learn to feel and develop your own intuitive awareness of stretching and breathing. Remember this is your practice and it is not for the teacher.

Note: we may demonstrate but we never practice while we are teaching.

Yoga Health & Fitness

Yoga is a science that provides many opportunities and benefits. Most students are interested in the following benefits that are generally experienced even after your very first class.

  • Physical: We always begin with basic movements that improve mobility and comfortable joint movement. Muscles control the movement of joints so any controlled movement of a joint improves movement and elasticity of the muscles. We teach you how to integrate the breath with movement and this improves concentration. The concentrated awareness improves the transmission of sensory and motor neurons. This means a simple yoga practice can be very beneficial for disorders of the nervous system and the mind. All yoga postures can be modified and adapted to the individual. Easy and Gentle, No Force, No Pain.
  • Emotional: the natural chemistry of the body and mind is activated by the various positions of yoga. You will experience a deep relaxation with a calm and steady mind. During the class you will find the more you begin to enjoy the experience of stretching and breathing it becomes almost impossible to hold on to self limiting thoughts. At the end of the class you will feel relaxed with a natural effortless awareness. Yoga  liberates you from the stress and internal conflicts.
  • Mental the mind has the habit of thinking with desire and attachment to your imagination. During the practice of yoga you are engaged naturally and easily with awareness of breathing and stretching, holding and relaxing. All of your worries and concerns are momentarily forgotten and this enables you to experience a deep relaxation. The result is a feeling of mental calm and vitality. Practice yoga and experience freedom from the intensity of stress. You will feel at ease with faith and self confidence. You can live and be successful with a quiet mind

Merits of Yoga

Forward and backward bending stretches the central nervous system and improves the expansion of the joints in the spine. Twisting assists in correcting and maintaining to proper alignment of the vertebrae. All yoga postures influence the internal organs and the nervous system in a positive way. Each pose changes the natural chemistry of the body and mind. This is why you feel a pleasant mild intoxication of calm and tranquility during and after the class. A chair or a wall provides support to stabilise your stretch and increase the range of stretching.

Seated Forward Bend
Seated forward bend
Supported backward bend
A supported lower back twist

Private Home Visits


A 90 min class all inclusive of travel. This fee is valid for one student.


A 60 min class all inclusive of travel.

Private Group Visits

A Home Visit Fee + R50 per extra student

A group class in your home or online is limited to a maximum of four students. 

Note: the additional fee is only charged for the second and third student. A fourth student is not charged. 

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