“Meditation is the Tranquility of Awareness — “Be Still and Remain Silent — Be Aware and Know”

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In our fast-paced lives, our minds often become entangled in the web of emotional thinking, imagination, and desires. We find ourselves caught in a loop of repetitive thoughts and emotions that feed into the restless instability of the mind. Our excessive thinking is like adding wood to a burning fire that only grows stronger with each passing moment.

Yet, there is a way to liberation from the endless thinking and emotional turmoil. A simple method of concentrated awareness. When you remain still you do not react emotionally. You listen and observe with the natural enjoyment of awareness. Everything around you may be chaotic and full of drama but you can remain internally aware of the stillness and silence of observing.  A natural ability to truly listen emerges. Every sound we encounter is met with a single thought of pure awareness – be it the cheerful chirping of a bird, the hum of a passing car, the gentle rustling of the wind, or the majestic presence of trees

Just as you instinctively close your eyes when leaning forward to smell a flower, intensifying your sense of smell, meditation is akin to this heightened state of awareness. It is not about controlling your incessant thinking; instead, it’s about remaining silent and becoming emotionally still so you can be aware of the present moment with an open heart and mind.

We can liberate ourselves from the chains of our thoughts and immerse ourselves in the serenity of pure awareness. Join us on this transformative journey of meditation, where we learn to quiet the mind, embrace the beauty of the present, and experience the profound stillness and clarity that lie within

Swami Satyananda

Meditation is simply a technique that helps you to experience awareness without thinking. It will not help if you try to suppress the mind and all the thoughts. You can learn how to remain quiet and still. No emotional involvement or strong attachment. Simply be aware. This is the fundamental principle of meditation”

Swami Yogasagar

Bihar Yoga

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