Meditation is Simple

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Meditation is Simple

A consistent flow of thoughts that do not deviate from the original thought is a thread or string of thoughts that is experienced as focused thinking. When you are focused you experience an intensity of awareness that often is detached from external events of distraction. This is called Pratyahara. You may be aware of what is going on around you but you do not deviate from your continuity of focused thought awareness. When the original thought is woven into the thread repeatedly that is concentration (Dharana). When you can reinforce your intention and desire by maintaining continuity and consistency the thread of thought becomes meditation (Dhyana).

Awareness of the breathing is commonly introduced as a simply way to develop your own experience of meditation. Your intention and desire is to experience meditation by concentrating on the breath. You are mentally aware and following the movement of the breath. A silent mental repetition of thought begins when you think Breath in Breath out. After a few breaths your thought continues into the mental repetition breath in hold breath out rest. Breath in fullness hold breath out emptiness rest.

Any and every thought will always be a thought of awareness. That’s what awareness is. A single thought of awareness leads into another single thought of awareness. A consistent thread of thought is a continuous thread of single thoughts of awareness. This is the concentrated experience of awareness. In yoga it is called Dhyana.

The breath is a simple easy way to learn how to perfect the method of concentrated awareness. With regular practice you can achieve a strong continuity of awareness for longer periods of time without fatigue or distraction. Only then can you change the subject of awareness.

I am aware of knowing I am aware. If you can keep this thread continuous eventually the ordinary thoughts of the mind cease. You become established in your own true nature which is a pure awareness knowing without ego.

Swami Yogasagar

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